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Happy New Year!  We had a fun day with the kids today.  It started late, as they slept in from the late night out last night.  After we finally got ourselves up and moving around we took them to the local park.  We stopped at Subway on our way there; they love to eat picnics on the grass.  Both kids were climbing on the jungle gyms and going down the slides.  Our son loves to push himself fast down the slide. He even climbs on the big kid section and goes down the really tall slide. That one has no fear!

Upon our return home, our son took his afternoon nap while my daughter played with her daddy.  Since all was quiet in the house, I went for a long run.  When I finished with my run, Ty was still sleeping so I asked my daughter if she wanted to go with me to the local coffee shop on the corner for some hot chocolate.  She walked all the way there, holding my hand, excited for her special treat. When we ordered our chocolate, we sate in their big comfy chairs and shared our drinks with each other. She enjoys getting mommy time and I got some cute photos of her, which I will post on their blog.

On our walk home, I took her by the cactus that I love.  They are growing over the stone wall now, so I took some more photos of them. For today’s photo, I chose one of my son getting ready to come down the slide. I love the look on his face.

Slide, Here I Come!