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Today was the last day of our break from work for the holidays. We got back to our regular schedules with mixed feelings. Its always nice to get back into our normal routines, but we miss spending as much time with the kids as we have been able to the past ten days. I have the hardest time. It usually takes me about half the week to feel okay with being away from them again.

Today we decided to spend time with both the kids and ourselves.  We hung out with them in the morning, then took them over to their grandparents house for lunch and nap time while we saw a movie. After, we brought them back home for dinner with their Grammy.  It was a good day and like most weekend days it went by too fast. Now they are settling down for the night and we are getting ourselves ready for work tomorrow.

The photo I chose for today is my mom reading a book to the kids after dinner.

Bedtime Stories