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I was all set to use this photo today that I got of a bee sucking nectar from a flower seen during my lunch time walk.  Then, literally, as I plug the camera into the computer to extract the photos from today and yesterday I hear two pairs of little feet running back and forth from their bedroom to the living room. I was so curious what they were doing together. I waited until they made the run back to their room to peek into the living room. In their chairs are all of their shoes and stuff animals! You should have seen it.

I turned off the camera, unplugged it and ran into the room. At first I was worried they would stop once they saw me. It turns out they were in their own little world together. I took a lot of photos of them running back and forth. It was hard to pick which one to use. They aren’t the best I have ever taken. I find it harder to take photos at night in our home. But, I wanted to remember this day in my photo journal so I chose the one I liked the best.

After they were done…they were good sports about helping us put their room back together again. Then our son tried to start the game all over.  I told him, tomorrow, we can play again tomorrow.

Mischievious Little Kids