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What a fun day for us and the kids. We took them to the zoo since the Elephants have returned to their new habitat. As we entered the zoo, we were reminiscing how the first time we took the kids to the zoo was just a little over a year ago. Our son was just barely 6 months old and sat in his stroller or slept most of our visits.  Our daughter was at the age when she was learning about animals and understood the noises they made. She was delighted to see them in person. Fast forward a year and she understands even more about animals and families, so its a lot of fun to take her. She loves to tell us about the mommy and daddy animals living with their baby animals. Our son is now the age she was last year and gets really excited when he sees the animals.

We wanted to go this weekend since the Elephant habitat has reopened and the three elephants are back at the zoo. The elephant is one of our daughters favorite animals.  She wanted to go straight to their habitat to see them.  When we got there, she hopped out of her stroller to get a closer look. This is her peering through the fence.

Hello Elephants