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Sleepy head.  That is what my daughter says to anyone that sleeping longer than her in the morning.Now that she has a big girl bed she gets out of it her own in the morning. Sometimes she will walk into our room and say to her daddy “wake up sleepy head”.  Its pretty cute. We say it to her when we find her sleeping longer than us. Well this morning, it was her brother that was a sleepy head. He has been waking up some nights in the middle of the night. We aren’t sure why and we are working with him on going back to sleep in his crib. Because he wakes up in the middle of the night he is extra tired in the morning. He has been wake up later than normal. When I saw how cute he looked in his crib, I decided to take a photo of him before waking him up to get ready for school. I love how he curls his feet when he sleeps. He also puts his hands under his tummy.  I think he gets that from me. Sometimes I
do that to keep my arms warm.

Sleepy Head