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Thursday both my son and our dog woke up with stomach issues.  It just so happened to be the same day I was taking my son to his doctor for his 18 month checkup.  The timing was good in that sense. I was able to talk to her about his symptoms.  It turns out he had a stomach bug. It lasted for three days. The poor guy was not feeling well at all and had a hard time keeping anything down. Which made him not want to eat or drink anything. Which in turn worried his mommy. But he is doing just fine now.

He did well at his appointment. He is still measuring in the 25th percentile which surprises me since we are on the taller side.  He might take after his maternal grandmother.  Or, he’ll catch up one day. He had just one shot left in his inoculations.  He did really well with it. He didn’t squirm or cry.  The shot made him a little more tired later in the day than he normally is. Since he wasn’t feeling well to begin with, he took a long nap in the afternoon. Which was good for him.

This photo I took of him was in the waiting room before we were called in. He was playing with one of the toys. I love how he squats low to play with some of this toys. We call it his sumo wrestler pose.

Playing with Toys