Usually I take my photo during the day while I am on campus or at home with the kids if it is a weekend. Sometimes I will take one in the evening when I am home with the kids. I find this easier as the days get longer and the lighting is better.  Friday was one of those days that was non stop and I just didn’t have a chance to take a photo during the day.  Instead, I took one in the morning of something I do most mornings. For this photo, I choose to capture a display of the makeup I put on before work (most days).  There are days that I just don’t bother because I am either too lazy that morning, too busy with getting three bodies ready or just not really interested. I am one of those woman that can go without make up every day and feel okay about it. But I do make the effort sometimes since it does make a difference in your appearance.  Friday was one of those days since I was in an all day planning retreat with different professionals in our department.