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On Monday, I had plans to have lunch with two colleagues from the registrar office with my boss. I was really bummed about missing my workout so I brought my gym bag anyway. I thought maybe I could try to get 20 minutes in before we went to lunch. Well, it turned out my boss was out sick on Monday. I guess, it was lucky of me to bring my bag along anyway!  Not so lucky for her to be so sick for three days in a row. I know how she feels though.  I am currently nursing the same stomach bug that my son had at the end of last week and into the weekend.

Since, I was originally supposed to have lunch on Monday with my colleagues, I didn’t pack a lunch. After my workout, I went to the cafe on campus and ordered a salad to go. While I was waiting I sat at one of their outside tables and took photos. I was lucky to get one of the fountain and a student quietly studying.

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