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These are the kinds of photos that are going to come out during the prom dates and the wedding slide show reception.  My poor kids.  Tonight, right after dinner my son went straight to the bathroom saying to me “bath!” “bath!”.  It is his favorite evening activity. This kid gets excited.  As soon as his sister hears him shouting the word bath, she comes running in saying “me too!”.  Gotta love having kids that are excited to be clean.

What parent doesn’t have the classic photo of their kids in the bath. There are plenty of me, my sister and my cousin from when we were younger.

For their bath, I turn the water on and wait for it to warm up. Then, I only let a small about come out so that the tub fills slowly. They love to play with the water as it comes out of the faucet. Once the temperature is nice, I put them in the tub. There is a good amount of space in there. I would bathe with Evy when I was pregnant with Tyler. If her and I could fit in there around my big belly, they can surely fit in there together.  They do. But, what cracks me up is the fact that they do not take advantage of all that space. They get as close as they can to each other and the end of the tub where the faucet is. They also find any toy they can to collect the water in. Sometimes they will drink out of that toy and start all over again.

I got quite wet getting this shot. The wetness occurred after the photo was taken. I had reached over to the doorway and put the camera down too. They are used to me with the camera so much so that they ignore it most of the time. Well tonight, as soon as I took the photo, they saw me and opted for splashing me with their water!  It was pretty funny and good timing on their part.

Bath Time