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Another delay in posting my photos. After we all got over the stomach bug, we spent a week dealing with major head colds. My two kids and myself got those.  All three of us were sick for two weeks straight. I will do my best to catch up now.

On Wednesday last week I was in another data warehouse session. My routine has altered slightly being in these sessions.  I now drive to another building on campus in the morning versus where my office is. I walk a different route from this building to the gym.  After I workout, I go to thisopen quad in between two buildings where I eat my lunch before we resume our sessions.

This particular place that I chose to eat is a significant place on campus. It was designed by an artist and looks really neat during sunset. The play of light on the water, walls, etc during sunset are really cool.  The way the top part of this courtyard was built allows rays of the sunset to come through at different angles, causing a live art show.  I took a picture of a student studying in this area while I was eating my lunch. One day, I’d like to get one at night.

Quietly Studying