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Thursday marked two things: the last data warehouse session for the week and the height of my head cold. I was so out of it when I finished my session and returned to my office. My boss told me to go home and stay home the next day. She had a really bad cold just before me, so she knew exactly how I was feeling. 

That night I had plans with a friend of mine for dinner. She was coming over to celebrate our birthday’s. We are exactly 14 days apart.  I ordered food before leaving my office for delivery. I then drove to the daycare to get my son. My daughter was at her grandparents house since she was also very sick.  They said they would bring her home later that night since my husband was going to a basketball game with a buddy. My friend helped me with my son and later my daughter before going home.  It was nice to have the extra hands.

I was so tired of out of it that I didnt feel like taking a photo for the day. So, I grabbed my camera when I got home and took a self-portrait just to get one in and set my camera down. However it turned out would be okay with me. I got the photo for the day and I could go back to taking care of myself.

Self Portait