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Friday was not a very eventful day. I stayed home sick. I slept most of teh day on the couch. In between naps, I checked my email or played a solitaire game online just to entertain myself. I normally dont like to be so sedentary, but I forced myself to be still for the day so that my body could get the rest it needed to get over the head cold I was suffering from.

Also, I had a good friend coming over that night with her son for dinner and I wanted to be feeling better by then. I didn’t want to have to cancel since it had been a while since I had seen her. My son was feeling better so that was good. My daughter was still sick and sicne I really need sleep she went to her grand parents again.  She stayed there until daddy could pick her up after work. That way she wouldn’t feel overwhelmed with guests when she, herself, was not feeling very well.  She was in a great mood when she got home, a sign she was starting to feel better.

Before getting my son from daycare, I felt that I rested enough to get up and do some light chores around the house. One of those chores was the completion of the bathroom room for our home listing.  My husband took down the shower doors and I told him I would clean up the stuff that was left behind. I cleaned it all up and hung the new shower curtain.   I decided that would be the subject for my photo for the day. It works out great since our Realtors read my blog. They get t o see the progress of my checklist through my photos :0)

Curtain Rod