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On Friday, before picking my son up from daycare, I stopped by the local hardware store. On the items on our pre home listing checklist is the organization of our home. That’s a big item on the list. Probably the most daunting item. Anyone, with kids knows how hard it is to get all the clutter put away.  Although our kids cause some of the mess, there are areas of the house that we could be better about keeping clean and clutter free.

One of them is our bathroom. We tend to keep more on the counters than is necessary. I want it to look nice for listing and viewing. One of the items I bought at the hardware store was a hanger for the hand towel. This way we can keep it out for use, but it is off the counter which looks a lot nicer.

I also bought some hooks for the back of the kids door. I used to hang on the top corner of their door their towels after baths. These hooks give me a place to hang them to dry, but they are now out of the way for people viewing the home.

After all these improvements, it’ll look so nice it will be hard to leave!

This photo is the towel hanger I put up. You can also see my reflection in the mirror.

Towel Hanger and Reflection