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I was super excited for Super Bowl Sunday this year.  I am a huge Packer fan! It had been a long time since they were in the Super Bowl.  I couldn’t wait for the game to start that day.  It was like Christmas Eve and waiting to go to bed at night so Santa can bring you your gifts. Time seems to move much slower than you want it because you are so excited for what lays ahead.

We went to our friends hosue to watch the game. There were about 6 couples there, some with kids. We took the kids with us to watch the game. They wanted to sit with us the majority of the time. Eventually, they wamred up and staarting playing with others at the party.

My son like the stairs that went from the “man room” where the game was on and the living room where thefood was. This photo is him sitting on those stairs sporting his Packer colored shoes.

Go Packers!