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Tonight was similar to last night. Since my daughter had been called out sick for a fever, although it was gone, she had to stay home one more day according to daycare policy. So, she went to her grandparents house and my son went to daycare. I picked him up and my husband offered to get her again on his way home. I have to say, it is a lot easier getting dinner ready with one kid in the house versus two.

It is also a lot quieter and we miss Evy when she isn’t with us.  I wasn’t feeling too well myself, yet again. I have now come down with a sinus infection. As soon as dinner was ready, I decided to sit on the couch with my son to eat. We rarely eat on the couch, but I needed to be comfortable tonight.  He did a great job of keeping his food in his bowl.

He looked she cute I wanted to get a shot of him. I got lucky on the shot. He had just shoved a big meatball into his mouth when I took the picture! He is my little squirrel.

Dinner with my Son