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I am really happy with the photo for today.  It was the last photo I took before going to bed.  Its interesting, because I had one other shot that I thought I might use.  The day started with the kids waking us up at 5 a.m. Since we didnt want to get out of bed just yet, we let them crawl in with us. They immediately fell back asleep!  An hour later we needed to get up and ready for work. While we were getting ready we noticed they had both moved onto our pillows like it was their bed. Of course, I ran to get the camera and took a shot. I thought, well that was easy, I am done for the day.

I decided not to take my camera to work that day thinking I had already gotten the shot I wanted.  When we were at home in the evening, we had dinner together and then we spent some time cuddling with the kids on the couch before putting them to bed. My daughter fell asleep next to her daddy while I was with our son. After I put him down, I walked back into the living room to find her sucking on her fingers. I decided to take a photo of it, not really thinking of my project.

We actually, have this thing in our family; my husband and I take photos of each other sleeping. Its weird but we laugh about all the funny poses we end up in. Most of the time our dog is with us too!  We’ve continued that with our children. I have so many photos of them asleep.

When I saw this one while processing my photos, I liked it so much better than the one I took at the beginning of the day, that I decided to use it.

Sleeping Beauty