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The first of the year marks the beginning of track and field season for my husband. He coaches the distance runners of a college teams. It often means long days for him and much of the responsibilities for the children for me.  It also means he has a lot of Friday nights or Saturdays full of work.  On Saturday’s the track meets often last all day.

Today, was the first track meet of the season. He has usually 10-12 meets during the season. During his Saturday meets I try to keep the kids busy so they dont get stir crazy being inside our place all day.

Today, after daddy left, we took a walk down to the corner coffee shop for strawberry smoothies. They really enjoyed that. Then, a little later in the morning my mom came over and we took the kids to the zoo.  They love going to the zoo!  The photo I chose is my son looking at the elephants.  Today, at the zoo, we found a kid train we didn’t know was there. My daughter went on it all by herself. I was very proud of her.

After the zoo, we came home for nap time; my mom and I rested during that time. Then when their daddy came home we barbequed some hot dogs and had strawberries with them. It was so warm, we had a summer dinner.  My mom said it was just this hot when she gave birth to me 34 years ago tomorrow.

Checking it all Out