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Sometimes, I feel really bad for the people that live below us. I think it will be a good thing when we sell and find a place of our own. Hopefully it will not be in a condo building like we are currently in so that we dont have to worry about people living below us. If it is in a condo building, hopefully we get the bottom level this time.  We were on the third floor in our first condo, the second this time, so its only goes that we would be on the ground next time. That sounds logical, right?

Onto the reason I felt bad last night. The kids were running around the house like crazy! It was like a scene out of Jumanji!  You should have seen all the toys that ended up out at one point.  The part of their playing that I decided to capture on camera was the playing they did with this chain of plastic links.

I linked all of them together to make one long chain. My daughter grabbed the beginning of the chain for herself. She then handed her brother the other end of the chain and said, follow me.  He did. That was funny to me. He just blindly does what he is told by her.

They walked lap after lap around our coffee table holding that chain. My daughter kept saying “let’s go for a walk, walk, walk” to her brother like she was walking her pet. It was priceless.

The photo is kind of cluttered, but I wanted to be able to capture their moment together.


Playing Together