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When my grandparents passed away, my mom took many of the photos in their home to her house. We used many of those photos for the slide shows at each of their services. We were able to present a picture of their lives from the time they met until the end of their days on this earth.  They had very full lives; so many of the photos had one family member or another in them.  Sometimes all of us were crammed into one photo.

My mom took the time to store the photos in boxes in her garage. She has seven rather large tubs of photos in boxes that need to be organized and archived. I have helped her find special cases to store these images in so they wont ruin over time. This is going to be a long process, but a fun one.

We took this Saturday to start the project.  We only made it through one of the large tubs of photos.  But we found some really neat stuff.  We have decided for now to organize them by the decide they fall in. Then we are going to go back and do some organizing within each decade.  We found a decent number of photos from the 1800’s! I loved looking at those.  Two in particular stood out for me.

My sister has always been told she looks a lot like my Papa’s mother. You often wonder where you get your particular look. At what point in the family lineage did a certain feature show up and somehow work its way down to you. Well my great grandmother on my maternal grandfather’s side could be my sisters twin. It was really fun seeing photos of her. We found one of her as a baby.  We even found one of her parents when they were children.

The other photo came from my maternal grandmother’s side of the family. My great grandmother (her mother) grew up in Oklahoma before it was a state.  Her father was baptized in a river near their home when he was younger.  We found the photo of him being baptized in one of the boxes.

Both of those finds were very special.  The item I photographed was my grandfathers Olympus film camera. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I hope to get it fixed so that I can give it a test spin!

Antique Camera