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Today was all about getting the condo ready for listing it. We are still a few weeks away from the official listing date, but we wanted to work on organizing and de-cluttering together.  This happened to be the only weekend that we would have that opportunity, given our schedules the next coming weekends.  Now the goal is the keep it this clean until we list, which is always a challenge with young kids in the home.

The stuff that sits out on the counters is stuff that we use on a daily basis. This is the stuff that needed to find a home inside a drawer or a cabinet.  This meant the stuff inside the cabinets needed to be looked at. Do we still use it?  If we do, how often. The stuff used less often could be put in boxes and stored until we need it again. If we do not use it any more that was a candidate for donation at the local goodwill.

This, then made room for the stuff we use all the time to have a home inside something, versus our current habit of placing it on a shelf or countertop. Not all shelves are perfectly clean or cleared of stuff. I did leave out candles and other decorative items, such as plants, to give add a nice touch to what could have become very bare shelves.

We have a little more that needs to be done, but we got most of it done today. The rest can be done in small spurts during the weeks between now and listing day. The photo for today is staged living room.