My daughter is not a fan of having shoes or socks on her feet. It is so the opposite of me. I love socks and slippers!  When its winter, I love wearing wool socks to keep my feet warm.  In the summer, I often wear thin socks because I love the feel of them on my feet. I do love my flip flops when I am out and about in warm weather. But at home, there is something comforting about wearing socks and sitting on the couch for me.

My daughter, oh no, its a struggle just to get her to put her shoes on for school. There is even a rule that you wear shoes all day at her school. That doesn’t stop her from taking them off. The teachers have actually stopped fighting her on it. When I pick her up, I have to struggle to get them back on. During the summer, I would let her walk to the car barefoot; it wasn’t worth the battle.

During the winter when she must have them on, they come off as soon as she can do it. When we get home she does a couple of things, depending on her mood. She always lets our dog out of her crate. After that, she often helps me feed her. Sometimes, she sits on the couch. If she helps me feed the dog, she will go outside with me to the patio and get her food ready. As soon as she walks back in those shoes are coming off in the living room. If she goes to the couch, I find them off and kicked under the coffee table. It’s hilarious!

Kicked Off and Discarded