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On the day I took this picture, we were getting the house ready for my sister-in-law’s visit. She was flying out for three nights to see her parents as well as us and the kids.  She wanted to get a break from the cold weather and snow that hit the east coast hard this year. Unfortunately, for her, she visited us during a very cold weekend. We had temperatures well below normal during this particular weekend.

Normally, she stays with her parents at their house. We then take the kids over for visits frequently during her stay. She will often come to visit us as well. During this trip out, my in-laws happened to be out of town themselves. They were returning the day after she was arriving. So, we offered to have her stay with us. This meant cleaning up the house before she arrived.

The cleanup was not that difficult since the house has been prepped for staging for the market anyway (shameless plug for my realtors so they know we are still on top of it over here!).  But, there were little things here and there that needed to be put away.  I was working on the dishes from breakfast when my son decided he wanted to help me.

Well, he got into all kinds of monkey business with the dishwasher, as you can see!

Helping Mommy