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The day after their aunt arrived, she went back to her parents house. After she left, we spent some time putting the house back together. The kids had gotten out a lot of their toys so they could play with her. I also had some household chores to take care of before the work week started. It was going to be a busy week at work with me being out of town one night for a conference, so I needed to get as much done as I could.

One of those chores is ironing. When I iron, I put a pile of clothes on the chair next to the ironing board. On the floor behind me sits a pile of hangers for me to use.  At one point, I turned around the grab a hanger to hang a shirt I had just ironed.  The hangers were gone.  My kids were being unusually quiet too.

I tiptoed into their room and found them playing with one of their toys. This was after they managed to carry all of my hangers into their room. When they got bored with those they moved onto something else.  Those kids!

Up To No Good