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On Wednesday, we had friends over.  A friend of mine and her daughter, whom I’ve known since the day she was born (almost 12 years ago!) came over for dinner and playtime with the kids. My kids adore her and look up to her like a big sister. She is so sweet to them too.  She loves playing with them and is very generous and gentle with them. When she is a little bit older, she is going to make such a great baby sitter. I already told her she would get first dibs on the job.  I am sure she is looking forward to spending that quality time with them.  She even has a baby sister or brother on the way and I just know she is going to be amazing at the job of big sibling.

After dinner, my son walked over to where I was sitting at our dining room table. He wanted up on the chair next to me. He started to play with my glasses while we were sitting there. It’s a good thing these aren’t my good pair or favorite pair of glasses.  He was bending them and twisting them every which way.

When he finally got them on his face, he looked really cute. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did wear glasses one day since both his mom and dad wear them.  The photo I took was him just before he got them on his face properly.  I love the expression on his face.