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I need space was a favorite line of my daughters when she just turned two. Actually, now that I am writing this down, I realize that she still says those words all the time.  She was taught to say she needed her space while she was at school. When another child would get too close she would either hit or bite, not knowing how to express verbally what she wanted. Her teachers taught her to say I need space and then taught the other children to respect that and play with someone or something else. It has worked well for her to be able to verbalize what she is feeling in this way.

My son is starting to say the same line. He has heard her say it so many times to him now that he has it down pat.  He uses it on me all the time. The funny part is that when he uses it on me he is usually crawling into my lap.  Go figure on that one!  On Saturday, we were in the backyard of my mom’s house during the afternoon.  Both kids are potty training so grass is great for accidents.  I was eating some cheese crackers while I was playing with them. He happened to find the box and grabbed a few for himself. I heard him yelling in a loud voice I need space.  Then I saw how close our dog was. He kept yelling it until I move her away from him. Poor thing had to wait until I got a photo first!


I Need Space