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With each passing day, I have noticed my kids are starting to play with each other more often. It took our daughter a while to warm up to having a little brother, understandably so. She was just a baby herself when he was born. She was also so good at playing independently and he was such a fussy baby, needing more of my attention, often leaving her to entertain herself. I can’t blame her for feeling a little resentful. As the months went by, he grew out of his fussiness and became more independent, giving me a chance to spend more time with her.

Now that he is close to turning two he has become very interested in playing a lot of the same games she plays. They are starting to play really well together and are showing an interest in spending a lot of time together. Its a lot of fun for me to see this; I remember times like that with my sister.

On Sunday, she was pulling him by the arm around the house. I was shaking my head because he was laughing and letting her do it. Then she stopped and he started to chase her around the house. Next thing you know, she grabs his shoulders from behind and starts marching him around the house. It was too funny and went on for almost an hour. At one point she tried to stop to look at something and he ran up to her laughing. Even though she was tiring of the game, she placated him and ran so he could chase her. She is a very good big sister to him.


Playing Together