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I’ve been taking a lot of my photos in the evening lately with the kids. My mom gave me an external flash for my camera for my birthday and it has been a lot of fun playing with it. Although more of my photos are of the kids, I have still taken my camera to work every day. You never know when something might catch your eye.

Today, while walking back to the office from the gym, I was thinking about a certain photo I would like to get one day for this project. I thought about photographing the front porch of the house I work in. I love the feel of the porch. As I was thinking about it, I thought it would be really neat if my co-worker happened to be out there on his break so I could get him in the shot. As fate would have it, he was out there when I got back.

I walked around the other side of the porch and came up on the opposite side he was standing on. I was able to get a shot in before he saw me. As I was taking his picture I told him about wanting to get him in a photo and today was the day! He owed me since I gave him the really cool tape dispenser from my desk.