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Tuesday was a very hectic day for us. It was also a long day. Both my husband and I were busy at work. Then, after I got home from work, I rushed to get dinner on the table for the kids. Since we had company coming over I put together a variety of leftovers for them to eat. My husband got home as soon as he could so he could eat before our guests arrived.

Our guests were our realtors. They wanted to see what we had done to our condo since the last time they were there. They were going to give us any last minute to-do’s. Thankfully, we got it staged in a good way and don’t have homework. We worked with them on the listing agreement for our condo, which will go on the market next week.

I actually tried to get some shots of them and my husband working together, but they were a little camera shy. So I chose another shot later in the evening. We were exhausted, so we put the kids in their pajamas and sat on the couch for some quiet time. I spent that time thinking about the upcoming listing of our home.

We bought this home seven years ago. We sold the other condo we were living in, wanting a little more space, knowing we wanted to start a family. We also wanted to get into a better school district. After we brought our daughter home, we talked about adopting again in a few years to give us a good age difference between our two children. This would give us plenty of time in our current home before relocating.

There were other plans in store for us and our son was born just 13 months after she was brought into our lives. Hence the need to move sooner and get into a home with more space for the kids and dog; hopefully one where they don’t have to share a room.

I thought about moving into the condo that first weekend. We fell in love with it the moment we saw it. We saw so much potential in it. I thought about the changes we had made over the years together before our kids were born.  I thought about all the changes that have taken place both physically and emotionally since we brought our children home.

This is a bittersweet process for me. I have fallen in love with our home. I know we need more space and the next place we own will be ours just as much as this one. Its just hard to think about leaving the place you have lived for so many years and brought your babies home too.  Its hard for me to imagine someone else in this home. At the same time, I cannot wait for the next home to present itself to us and all the work we are going to put into it to make it ours. I cannot wait for the memories we are going to make there.  I will also take the memories of this place with me. Who knew, I would be this sentimental!