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We are in full force potty training mode in our house.  Our daughter will be three in May and has made the big move from diapers to underwear.  We had actually started offering her the “potty” as we call it just before she turned two. She could have cared less. As long as someone was willing to change her diaper, she was okay with being in one. Why give up being taken care of when someone will do the work for you?  She is my strong willed child.  She wants to do things in her way and in her own time.  For the most part, I love that part of her. She will grow up to be a very independent woman who knows what she wants. The times, I get frustrated are when we need to get to daycare and she just won’t put her shoes on because it was my idea and not hers.

Potty training was going in that direction.  After a few months of offering, I decided to stop. It wasn’t worth the stress. Her doctor kindly pointed out to me children in Kindergarten don’t wear diapers. She would use the potty when she was ready. Some children are ready to potty train when they are physically ready and some when they are emotionally ready. She is my emotionally ready one.

Fast forward almost a year later and my son is about to turn 2. We is 4 months shy of his birthday. He decides, one day, he wants to use the potty. He tells me “I need pee”, which caught me off guard. I got down to his level and asked him, “do you want to use the potty?”, to which he replied “yes!”  Ok!  Why not?  At the rate we were going with our daughter I thought for sure our son would be around 4 or 5 before he was in underwear. From what I have been told girls potty train easier than boys.

Well the opposite is true in our house. He used the potty and was so proud of himself. From that day on, he decided he wanted to use it all the time. He started asking his teachers to use it and they encouraged him to do so. Then, I put him in underwear.  Little did I know what effect that would have on all of us.

Sibling rivalry/jealousy at this age can be a good thing. If my son was in underwear my daughter had to have some too.  Given her need for control, we decided to let her and with her we took it a step further. We went cold turkey on the diaper. That was it! It was on one day and gone the next. She had accidents of course. But one week later, she is doing her thing in the potty with little accidents. I am very proud of her.  I also have to say, its nice to be out of diapers!!

Potty Training Madness