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My son is such a mommy’s boy. Since I gave birth to him, I decided I wanted to nurse. I actually wanted to experience every possible thing during my pregnancy and after with him that I could. I knew this would be my one and only experience and that if we wanted more children, we would adopt just as we did with our daughter. I might have gone a little over board in that department. I held him more than I did our daughter when she was the same age. Granted, she was a much easier baby. You could lay her down on her blanket and she would play quietly by herself for hours. It was so wonderful! Our son on the other hand, had to be held all the time. He had to be held until he fell asleep (sometimes he still does) and had to be held the second he woke up.

Since I was home more with him, he became quite attached to mommy. Since I was the one doing most of the holding with him, my husband would do a lot with our daughter. Therefore, he bonded much more with me than daddy.  After he turned one year, we tried to work to change that. I started going out more on my own. I would go for a run here or there. I would sometimes go out with a friend and leave him with daddy. Now, almost at the age of 2, he is all about daddy. It could be that he has just entered that daddy stage too and will come back to mommy at the next stage.

It’s nice to see him so interested in spending time with his daddy these days. The other morning when we were getting ready for work he wanted to see what his daddy was doing on his phone.

Captivated by Daddy