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I love my dog very much. After our second miscarriage my husband brought up the subject of getting a dog. We decided to get one that would be a good indoor dog and good with children. We also didn’t want to buy a dog that had been bread. We wanted to adopt one that really needed a home. After much research, we decided to adopt a beagle. We got her from Beagles and Buddies, a local rescue agency.

I grew up with dogs and knew how much I loved having one in the home. Interestingly, when we first got home with her, I would go on long walks with her and worry that we did the right thing by bringing her home with us. I actually questioned whether I really wanted her. That, made me worry about the day we might have to adopt. Would I feel the same way?  Looking back, surely it was a sign of where I was emotionally given all we had been through.  Slowly but surely she warmed her way into my heart and I could not imagine my life without her in it.

She was spoiled with a lot of attention from us before we adopted our daughter and then had our son. She had to share the attention we used to give her with them.  It was not an easy transition for her, but she has grown to love them.  As much as she loves them, they do get on her nerves. They can be quite loud. She is getting older and crankier.  There are times when she just wants some piece and quiet.

On Friday night my husband’s track team had an evening meet. He wasn’t going to be home until midnight at the earliest.  It was just me, the kids and the dog.  Naturally, most of my attention was on the kids all night. They were rowdier than usual. At one point, I saw that our dog had left the room. I was wondering where she was. I went to find her and there she was, on our bed hiding and trying to find some piece and quiet. The second I walked into the room her tail started thumping on the bed. I love how happy she is to see us.

Beagle Love