Play dates are so much fun for the kids.  The day I took this photo, our Realtor came over with her husband and daughter. He took the photos of our place for the marketing materials. While he was working his magic, the kids played with their daughter. She is the cutest little thing ever!

I felt so bad for her. She stays home with her grandmother and is used to some piece and quiet around the house. My kids on the other hand go to daycare during the day and are used to being loud with all of their friends. There were a couple of times that poor Fiona got scared from the roaring noises they were making. I never knew how loud my kids were until I saw them with a quieter one.

But, I think, despite the fact that they were so loud and in her face, she had a lot of fun with them. She definitely was not shy and enjoyed playing with their toys. It didn’t hurt that some of their toys were the exact same toys she has. She felt right at home. We can’t wait to play with her again!

Fun Times