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My son has some mad balancing skills.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he learned the balance beam one day. Maybe I should enroll him in gymnastics and see what he can do.

The other morning, I was taking care of some stuff around the house. I was doing your typical end of the weekend chores before the work week started again. I was walking back and forth a lot from my bedroom and the laundry room. My son was playing with his toys in my bedroom since I was in there the most. He waited patiently for my return each time I left to put something away in the other room.

Upon my return to my bedroom with the laundry basket in hand, I caught him standing on the edge of our bed frame on his tippy toes (as my daughter calls it).  He was trying to get onto the bed and found he liked standing on the edge. He turned to look at me and I just laughed, dropped the basket and ran to get my camera. While I was taking pictures he kept saying, uppy.  Apparently, I found out later, he does this all the time. When he says uppy his daddy vaults him onto the bed.  If he doesn’t do the balance beam, I can see tumbling in his future.  Either that, a contact sport since he is fearless in this area.

Balancing Act