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There is nothing particular exciting about this photo. I have actually been feeling in a photo funk lately. I take my camera with my everywhere I go so that I can capture at least one shot a day. I have found, lately, this endevour to be harder than I expected it to be. It is rewarding for sure!  It is going to be great to see my entire year in photos. I will definitely put together a photo book to share with my friends, family and children as they grow.  But there are days when I feel uninspired, tired of taking a photo, tired in general or just not very creative.

I was having one of those days when I took this photo. It had been a long week. I hadn’t slept much since my daughter was waking us up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. This was a great thing; just left me super tired.  I was also thinking about our trip out of town the following day.

Since the day I took this photo was Saint Patrick’s Day, I decided at least a green subject was in order. I looked around my office and laid my eyes on this plant on my desk. It was given to me by a colleague the first day I started. It has been on my desk ever since. I love this plant and make sure to water it often. It has done well under my care. Yes, I realize bamboo plants are hearty plants and not easy to kill. Well, I’ve done just that once. So the fact that this one is still thriving is a great thing!

The plant came with a bow on it and I have yet to take it off. I just love the color of the bow and its a reminder that someone wanted to do something special for a new person in their department.

Welcome Gift