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I kind of cheated on this photo. I actually took it late the night before. It was really close to being the next day so I figured it would be okay. I really liked this light fixture in the Hard Rock hotel and wanted it to be one of my images. Purple, after-all, is my favorite color. I fondly remember a “Where’s the Beef?” t-shirt in a royal purple when I was a child.

Getting back to the photo at hand. I also wanted to take this image before we headed back to our hotel knowing the next day would be madness. I didn’t want to lug around my camera everywhere. Although, I could have taken some really cool shots of Vegas, I was on a mini-vacation and needed the break, even from the camera.  Plus, we spend the entire day inside watching all of the basketball games, hence the madness of it all!

We started with the UCLA game. Sadly, I have to admit I was rooting against them. I know, that is completely sacrilegious of me.  In my brackets I didn’t have them winning even the first game!  They stepped it up that night in a way I didn’t think was possible given how they performed throughout the rest of the season. Thankfully for my brackets they lost the next game. Sadly for my husband they also didn’t cover the spread. The problem being they were covering until I said “at least you are in the spread still”. Swoops!  My reverse Midas touch took over and he lost his bet.

After the game was over the entire gang took off to another casino to watch the SDSU game. Now that was a game! I almost lost my voice over it.  It was so tight the entire game and went into double over time. Half of us wanted SDSU to win, me being one of them. I had them in my final four (thanks for losing guys!). The other half wanted them to lose since they placed bets on the other team.  It was a fun game with all the inner rivalry going on.

Then it was off to dinner, some gambling afterward and then to bed.  The next morning we were heading home to see the kids again. We totally missed them on this trip.

Purple Wonderland