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We arrived home on a Sunday from our trip to Vegas. Since my husband’s parents were watching the kids, we dropped our stuff at home and then drove over to their house to pick them up.  While we were there, we needed to put the car seat they borrowed from us back into my car. They took it out earlier in the day since it was starting to rain. They were staying in the rest of the day and wanted to get it out of the car before they got soaked doing so.

When we arrived it was raining pretty hard and we didn’t want to go out in it to put the car seat in.  So, we waited.  While we waited for dinner to be prepared, my son sat in his chair while his daddy read the newspaper. He was practicing buckling solo.  He actually got it down after a few tries and buckles himself into his cars seat now. Pretty impressed with that one!

I love how they are both concentrating on what they are doing in this photo.

Daddy Time