Home for Sale. That’s the status of our current residence. This is a permanent fixture in our home for any agents that bring their clients through to see our condo.  The kids were pretty good about ignoring this sign at first. Then they became interested in it and its contents. The sign now sits on top of one of our bookshelves. It is brought back to this position when we leave the house the days it will be viewed.

It seems so lonely sitting there by itself on our side table. We are hopeful it won’t sit there for long. An offer is what we need in order to buy our next place. Ideally, we’d like to time it so we can move from one place to the next. But, we have a back up plan. We will move in with my in-laws if we sell before finding a place to move into. We need to equity to use for our next place so an offer is needed before any next steps are taken.

We have a great team of Realtors working on our behalf; its just a matter of time.

For Sale