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This isn’t one of the best photos I’ve taken, but something about it makes me just stare at it. I really love the way the background looks like a watercolor. It reminds me of paintings I studied in Art History classes in college.  I took this photo on a Thursday night during happy hour with co-workers. My friend and I occasionally try to go after work.  When my husband isn’t coaching we are able to go once a month. Its nice to have that extra adult time before heading home to the munchkins.  The happy hour outings happen with a little less frequency during his coaching seasons since I pick the kids up from school. Every so often though, his parents offer to pick them up so they can spend time with them. I think its great and it gives me time for these moments.

Usually its just the two of us ladies. On this outing two of our male co-workers joined us. That changed the night completely have those xy chromosomes in tow.  Not necessarily in a bad way. It was fun hanging out with them in a personal setting versus our usual work setting. It was nice to have the opportunity to get to know them even better. With that said, it had been a while since my friend and I had the opportunity to go out and it was sad not to get to spend time together just the two of us.  We are already planning the next one and its top secret. Sorry boys! :0)

Happy Hour Bokeh