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I took this photo during a walk with my dog one day. I had a hard time choosing the photo for this day. I captured three different subjects that I really liked. One of them was this snail trying to find some sun after all the rain we just had. The texture and lines on his shell were really pretty. I also found a puddle of water in a cactus that was pretty cool. But this bud, with the little spider on it stole my heart.

I didn’t know the spider was on the bud until I looked through the camera. If it were bigger I might have jumped!  I don’t frighten easily and I’m not grossed out by bug necessarily. I do prefer, if possible, to stay away from things that can bite!  I remember this one summer in Prescott, Arizona with chills. It was a particularly warm summer for that area. I was playing in my grandparents home when my dad asked me to put my shoes on so we could take a hike. I pushed my foot into my left shoe and felt like I ran out of room. It was the oddest feeling. I tried to cram it in there without success. I pulled it out and turned my shoe over. Out fell a scorpion!!

I had the fright of my life that day.  My grandfather was fascinated with the find and bottled it so he could check it out. I refuse to wear closed toe shoes the rest of our trip. I even wanted to go on the plane ride home barefoot. My dad refused to let me and forced me to put shoes on. I was convinced the entire drive to the airport and the flight home there was something in my shoe. I had a hard time at home putting on tennis shoes for a while after that.

Nothing serious happened with this little spider when I took the picture. The only remarkable moment happened when I finished taking the picture. I stood from my crouched position, turned off my camera and looked up to find a man looking at me from his office window. He was clearly fascinated with what I was doing. I smiled and went on my way, finishing my walk with my dog.

Spring is Near