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My son has hair just like his father’s.  He has all the same calics he does and it falls the same. The only similarity to my hair, is the coloring of it. Since his hair is like his father’s we tend to give him buzz cuts. It looks really good with his hair type. Just like his father, it grows fast and we need to get it buzzed again about 4-5 weeks later.

My neighbor and friend is a hair stylist; he does mine in fact. He often comes over and does my daughters for me. He taught us how to use clippers to do our sons hair at home. This is going to save us a lot of money! Just two cuts pays for the cost of the clippers.

In this photo, my husband was getting ready to do his hair for the first time. He was super curious about all the parts.  He was pretty good at sitting still for most of it. After a while he wanted up and to play again. We aren’t as fast as the professionals. He had a harder time being patient while we were doing our thing. Hopefully we will get better the more we do it. His hair turned out really cute though!  Its such a great cut with the warmer weather approaching.