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In March, when we went to Vegas for March Madenss, my mom joined us. She likes to buy the kids gifts when she is out of town.  What grandparent doesn’t, right?  A year prior on a trip to Colorado, she bought the kids this bouncy ball that lights up when you bounce it on the ground or off a wall. Eventually, the battery went out in the light inside the ball. Now its just a bouncy ball filled with water and glitter.  The kids loved this ball!

When we were in Vegas we were looking at one of the souvenier shops and found another one. She bought each of them their own ball. When we got home and showed it to them, they were over the moon! They love to turn out the lights and bounce this ball so they can watch the room light up with the colors inside the ball. It is a pretty cool toy.  I decided to take a picture of it lit up, which was not easy. As soon as I bounced it off the wall, they wanted to play with it. It was hard to get them to stay away from it long enough for me to get a photo. But I did and when I was done the went on playing with it for the rest of the evening.