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This is one of my favorite photos!  My husband wanted to watch a basketball game on tv after dinner. The kids really wanted to be near him that night. Its interesting. I’ve noticed some nights they want to play with me and others they really want to play with him. I am fascinated with the behaviors of children as the grow up. On this particular night, it was all about daddy.

Before I took this photo, they were jumping up and down next to him on the couch. Our daughter sat on the cushions of the couch and pet her feet on her daddy’s shoulders. It was hilarious. He was desperately trying to watch the game but at the same time, he loved the attention he was getting.

Eventually they stopped harassing him. My son started yelling basketball over and over.  That was when I took the picture. I love how our son has his hands in his pocket. I love the look on all of their faces. I also love that they aren’t looking at me and I am capturing a moment they are sharing together.