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This photo was taken on April Fools day. We had dinner at my husband’s parents house. We didn’t plan to have dinner there, but I was foiled by my boss; the result being dinner at the in-laws. Not that the kids minded. Or me for that matter, it was a meal I didn’t have to cook. Here is how we ended up there.

I was on my way to get the kids at the daycare when I hear my phone buzz. I see its a “heytell” message from my boss. Since I can listen to it hands free, I decided to. You see, I was working on this pretty big project at work for almost two weeks. I had just finished the project that day and we were going live with it. She called to tell me she was logged into our system and accidentally deleted all the work. Normally, I think, I wouldn’t believe her. But since, this is a system I use regularly and she hardly uses, I totally bought it.

I thought to myself, oh crap, but I don’t want her to feel bad because it could totally be fixed. I called my in-laws right away (yup, broke that no driving and calling law!). I said, I need to come over for dinner, its a work emergency, can you order food. I hung up and hey telled her back. Told her I was getting the kids, I was going back to the in-laws and that I would hey tell her when I got there and we could fix it.

I get a message back from her … “April Fools!”  Oh man, I almost lost it, I was laughing so hard. She got me good.  At this point, I am almost at the day care and don’t have time to call the in-laws back. So, I get the kids and drive to their house. They had the food ready and waiting. I called my husband to let him know he should drive to their house after practice got out since we were having dinner there. When he got home he asked me why the change in plans. I told him he had a certain friend of mine to thank for that!

The joke didnt stop there. The messages back and forth were saved on her phone and played for our staff at a meeting the following week. It was pretty funny!

Daddy Time