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Most nights on the way home from work my kids ask me where their father is. I tell them that he is with his track team and he will be home after dinner.  Most nights they say, I want to go see his track team.  Some nights I get asked where daddy is multiple times in a row. It always ends with a desire to either run with daddy, run with his team, or go to the track to watch.  I told them, one night on the way home, that we would go watch daddy’s team race when they had their next home meet.

So, one Saturday during April when they had a home race, I took the kids to see their daddy coach and watch the runners.  They loved it!!  Most of the time my husband had to be with his team, but they followed him like a shadow and stood quietly watching. They were definitely taking it all in. Then, when each race started, they would watch the runners go around the track and clap every time they came by. It was a really fun experience for them.

While we were there, I tried to get some shots of his team to share with them.  This is one of my favorites of a hurdler.  This guy came in first place.

High Jumper