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I took this photo at Disneyland. It was my daughter’s first time and we have her aunty Jeni to thank for the trip out there. It was an early 3rd birthday gift to her and just us girls took her. She loved the idea of doing a girl day. Lately she has been talking a lot about us girls versus daddy and brother.  Back to the day we visited. Here is the background on how we came about going with my friend.

I should start by saying that I grew up going to Disneyland often with my family and loved it!  Even as a teenager, I would go often with my friends. But as an adult, I started to grow out of the theme park. Then when I started having children, I wondered how often I would take them. Some of my friends have passes and take their children all the time. For me, as an adult I started having a harder time in large crowds. They made me nervous. Also, the prices to go are outrageous these days.  As close as we live, I didn’t think we would take our kids that often.

My friend will correct me if I get this next part wrong. I can’t remember if this conversation took place after we adopted Evy or while I was pregnant with Tyler. But, she was telling me how fun it would be to take her to Disneyland and I made a comment about how I am never going there with my kids. So, she said she would take her for me! I said okay, when she is old enough I am holding you to it. Well at 2 she didn’t seem ready for a day at Disneyland. She was still napping smack middle in the day and wanted to be held a lot. Well as she got closer to 3 she was getting more independent and started dropping her naps. She seemed more ready.

My friend called me and told me, it was time. She planned the date and that was it. Off we were going. Originally she was going to take her for me, but I decided to tag along.  I am sure glad I did. We had so much fun!  It was amazing seeing the theme park through her eyes for the very first time. She loved all the rides we went on. She was a champ at waiting in line. It was just so magical for her. I will definitely take her back again and I cannot wait until Jeni and I take Tyler for the first time when he is closer to 3. We’ve already decided he gets his first experience to himself and then we can take them together after that.

Also, this picture was found on my flickr site by the OC Registrar and they shared it on their blog and in the print version of their paper! I was super excited and a friend sent me the article so I could keep it for Evy.