When I got home from work one night, I heard this noise in the garage that was unfamiliar. Its usually very quiet by the time I arrive home from the daycare. Most residents in our building are home closer to 5:30 p.m. But on this particular night, I was hearing this thump against one of the walls in our garage.

My kids were instantly curious what the noise was all about, so they wandered toward it. It turns out the daughter of the couple that lives in the unit next door to us was practicing her tennis swing. She was hitting her tennis ball against the wall in the garage.  They sat there for a while just watching her. My son kept saying “ball!” repetitively.

Eventually my neighbor and I had to pretend she was all done so that I could get the kids in the elevator and to our unit.  Once in the elevator, she was able to resume her practice time.  What I love about the photo I took while this was happening, is the stark contrast of the colors. My daughters pink short pops against the steel grey of the garage.