In April my dad came for a visit.  I took Friday off work and he flew in on a Thursday night. It was interesting getting him from the airport. I was actually working off site that day and was going to be able to get the kids earlier than normal before going to the airport to get my dad and his partner. The kids were super excited that they were coming for a visit.

I get a call from my dad early in the day letting me know the flight was going to be delayed. The plane was coming from another state and had gotten stuck in some bad weather.  It was expected to arrive about 30 minute later than originally schedule.  I was okay with that. I was really excited to see them, but that gave me more time to get some work done.

I picked the kids up and headed to the airport. It was an exceptionally windy day.  The plane was not there when we arrived at the airport a generous 15 minutes later than the expected arrival time to allow for time to debark and walk to the front of the airport.  I circled a few times and then decided to head out and park the car. I had a bad experience while circling once while pregnant with my son. I was hit by another driver and my car received some good damage.  While sitting in a parking lot I kept checking the southwest application on my phone. The estimated arrival time was still the same as I had expected it to be. I wasn’t sure what was happening.

I decided to wait about 15 minutes before heading back in. It was a long 15 minutes. The entire ride to the airport my son was screaming. Tantrums have started for him now. The entire time circling, more crying and screaming. The entire time sitting in the parking lot more of the same. Finally, I decided it was time to start heading to the terminal again.  I circled twice and upon my exit to return again, I see a plane getting ready to land. I just know its their plane.

Finally, when I make my way around, they are outside waiting for me and my son is fast asleep; the tantrum wearing him out.  We got home so late that dinner was much later than it normally is. But we were so happy to see the Papa’s.  The kids were playing with them on our bed after dinner and having a grand time. As someone scared to fly, I am so thankful my dad makes these trips out to see us.  Its hard living far apart.

Papa's In Town