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The second day of my dad’s visit, we took the kids to the park in the morning for some play time. They sure loved having both Papa’s to play with at the park.  With three adults to play with them, they were able to do a ton and had eyes on them the whole time. This particular park has a lot of bigger kid structures and my son being the dare devil he is loves to go on those ones.

After the park we took the metro to old town for lunch. This was the kids first time on the metro. They loved it! They both sat on one of Papa’s laps and shrieked with glee.  While we were eating lunch they were talking non-stop about their experience on the train. After lunch they were so excited to go back on it. When we got home that day they took a nice long nap. That evening, we went to my in-laws for dinner; they love to spend time with my dad and his partner.

I chose this photo for today for a few of reasons. I love that my two kids and my dad are in it. I love how much fun he is having with them; apparent by the look on his face.  I love how my daughter is watching her brother going down the slide; he is clearly having a lot of fun!