It’s sad how far behind I am in posting my photos. I am well into the 200’s on this year long journey. My goal is to be caught up by the time I post 365 so that I can post on the day I take the photo. The photos I am currently posting about were taken back in April, but that’s okay. When you spend your entire day on a computer at work solving IT problems, writing reports and all the other stuff I work on it can be a challenge to want to spend time on your home computer.

The photo for this day was taken on a Tuesday – if memory serves – in the back yard of the house I work in. There is a concrete walkway leading from the back of the house where we park our cars, to the back door of the house, the side door, steps that lead to the front porch and the sidewalk along the front of the house. These flowers are near that side door.

I walk by this particular patch in our garden almost daily.  It was full of greenery and then one day I looked down and found all these little beauties. I couldn’t resist getting a photo of them!

Pretty Flowers