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This is one of my favorite photos so far. One of these days I will have to put together a collage of all my photos. I am thinking about doing a college based on themes I have pursued during this challenge: floral, macro, lifestyle photography just to name a few.  I’d also like to create a collage for each month to see the month in photos. I created a couple of them when I first started this project, but got so busy that I had to stop that portion of the project. I felt it was more important to keep up with the photo taking. At the end of the project I’d like to pick my one favorite photo from that month and put a collage together of those. Can’t wait to see what they all end up looking like! In the meantime, this is definitely one to make my short list.

I took this while on a walk during my lunch hour on a Wednesday. This pine cone caught my attention – it is Spring after all. Where did this guy come from?  Why am I seeing an image from Fall on the ground? It was the last thing that I expected to see, given that lately I had been seeing flowers blooming almost everywhere I went. I didn’t need to see them to know that was happening since my allergies were telling me so. But, back to this guy.

I also loved the difference in texture between the pine cone and the gravel. I loved that the pine cone had some coloring on its tips similar to the stone. All of it just looked so neat together that I dropped down on the group to get a photo at its level. I bet I looked quite silly.  It was well worth the shot! Don’t you think so?

Fall Image in the Spring